Alternative Natural treatments for Hypothyroidism

Fruits and vegetables.Hypothyroidism is a very common medical condition triggered by insufficient thyroid hormone in a human body. While it needs medical attention to prevent the symptoms from taking toll on individual’s health, usage of medication to suppress symptoms may not always be the best solution because hypothyroidism is also triggered by a poor immune system. Alternative treatment of hypothyroidism is possible through dietary plan.

Hypothyroidism may also be treated by taking care of what food items are being taken and how much of them are being eaten. A good dietary plan goes a long way in keeping the immune system strong and hormone disorders at bay. Many people with hypothyroidism experience extreme fatigue. This generally makes them reach out for sugar or caffeine which is non-nutritional form of energy. They are terrible for health as they tend to burn out the thyroid and destabilize blood sugar. Besides caffeine and sugar, refined carbohydrates like flour are also treated like sugar by the body and therefore, do equal harm. It is advised to switch focus from grain-based carbohydrates to non-starchy vegetables for meals to reverse the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Protein transports thyroid hormone to the tissues and including it in meals can help in restoring normal thyroid function. The rich sources of protein include sustainably-farmed fish, hormone- and antibiotic-free animal products like organic, grass-fed meats and eggs etc., nuts and nut butters and legumes.

Only natural and healthy sources of fats should be included in food through flax seeds, avocados, olive oil, fish, nuts and nut butters etc. Food items like full fat cheese, yogurt and full fat cottage cheese and coconut milk products contain nutrients that are essential for good health. However, all these food items are beneficial to health only when they are free from hormones and antibiotics. Avoiding good fat will cause insufficient fat and cholesterol in the body which may worsen hormonal imbalance which also includes thyroid hormones. Avoiding good fat will cause insufficient fat and cholesterol in the body which may worsen hormonal imbalance including thyroid hormones.

In case of individuals suffering from Hashimoto’s, eating gluten can increase the autoimmune attack on the thyroid and therefore, the diet must be gluten free. Therefore, it is safe to avoid broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, rutabaga, , millet, strawberries, spinach, peaches, peanuts, watercress, soybeans and radishes. Glutathione is an antioxidant known for strengthening immune system and is one of the pillars of fighting Hashimoto’s. It boosts the body’s ability to regulate the immune system and helps to protect and heal thyroid tissues. A remarkable 20 percent of thyroid function depends on a sufficient supply of healthy gut bacteria, so it’s best to supplement with pro-biotic which are friendly intestinal bacteria.

It is also important to identify and manage an individual’s food sensitivities. When an individual is sensitive to certain food items, no matter how healthy they are otherwise, the body sees the offending food items as an invader and triggers the autoimmune system of the body to respond to the event. For overall good health, an individual’s stressors must be dealt with and relaxation must be practiced to suppress the stress causing factors naturally. Thyroid gland is known to be very reactive to body’s response to stress and since it is also a sensitive gland, stress management takes priority for individuals with hypothyroid medical condition.

As a measure of precaution, one must ask for the thyroid collar when getting x-rayed at dentist’s because the thyroid is sensitive to radiation and thyroid cells may face damage in the process.